M2L2 Travel, LLC Joins Coastline Travel Advisors as an Affiliate Agency

Miami, FL, February 7, 2018

Michael Morejon, Founder & President of M2L2 Travel announced today that he we be joining Coastline Travel Advisors as an affiliate agency.

“We understand the importance of assuming responsibility of how we travel and who we align ourselves with—especially with respect to travel agency business models that continue to evolve into a delicate art of access and expertise. M2L2 Travel will continue to diversify its focus on facilitating leisure & corporate travel for existing and new clients.” says Morejon

M2L2 Travel defines travel as an essential component of the global matrix of travel & business sustainability. The firm’s focus is on connecting individuals and fluctuating global economies and organically emphasizing the priority of future travel industry business models that are tailored to withstand fluctuations in global economies and constant changing weather patterns.

“After nearly 20 years of developing business in the global luxury travel industry, I have learned that the core of our success is building long-term relationships that are meaningful and genuine. A strong element of humanity creates a foundation for sustainability and a powerful velocity for growth and Coastline Travel Advisors truly possesses the ingredients I have been looking to partner with.” adds Morejon.

“At Coastline Travel Advisors, we believe in creating travel experiences that are meaningful, personal, impactful, and above all, transformational. We seek the same attributes and qualities in our affiliates. With this in mind, we are beyond delighted to welcome Michael Morejon and the M2L2 team as part of the CTA family. We are excited for our community to benefit from the perspectives and approaches of M2L2.”says Jay Johnson, Owner & CEO of Coastline Travel Advisors

For more information about M2L2 Travel, go to or email [email protected].

  About Michael Morejon

Michael Morejon is a visionary and a leader. He understands that travel is aligned with the urgency of assuming responsibility for positive social impact across all borders and governments. His professional career has taken him from city development work in the non-profit sector to business development and marketing for some of the most elite names in the luxury travel industry. Michael has spent his career assuming vital roles in structuring genuine personal business relationships with travel distribution channels to increase awareness and garner market share of the private aviation industry. He has worked with Virtuoso, the travel industry’s leading luxury network, spanning over 26 countries and more than 9,000 travel advisors.  He has pioneered training programs and developed new sales strategies for the travel professional community. He has designed global marketing campaigns that yielded relationships critical to his decision to build the infrastructure of his new ventures with Global Matrix Consulting and M2L2 Travel.

Michael’s educational background, which includes business and professional management, international relations, international business, women’s studies, world religions and alternative medicine, contributes greatly to his passion for charity, social awareness and making a positive mark on a global scale.

About Coastline Travel Advisors

Coastline Travel Advisors is a luxury travel agency based in Southern California. Coastline Travel Advisors consists of 160 full-time employees and independent contractors associated with one of Coastline’s five offices, located in Garden Grove, CA; El Dorado Hills, CA; Saratoga, CA (operating under the name “Alpine Travel”); Denver, CO (operating under the name “Tafari Travel”) and their newest office in Brookly, NY (operating under the name “Tafari Travel”).

Coastline Travel Advisors uses its strategic meetings management program to deliver a comprehensive and tailored approach to their business travel needs. Their expertise and experience in hospitality and travel, coupled with a focused attention on our clients’ specific needs, allows us to curate meetings and incentive programs that are both memorable and successful.

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